Jul 25, 2017

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The process of starting your pipeline project in Alberta

The process of starting your pipeline project in Alberta

The process of starting your pipeline project in Alberta and seeing it through to completion involves many different moving parts. Understanding what is involved and seeing an overview of the process will yield insight into what you can expect. Although there are a lot of processes involved in seeing your project through to completion, you can feel confident knowing that by taking the needed steps, you will be well on your way to seeing a profit from your project undertakings.

Securing the needed permits

Prior to contacting the local pipeline companies in Alberta, you will need to secure the State and Federal permits needed to proceed. This could be a long or short process depending on what you have included in your application. In the event that your application has missing parts, you will need to start over or simply resubmit the application with the needed documents added on. In many cases the pipeline companies in Alberta can provide help and assistance at this early stage of the process.

Mark the pipeline right of way

After the securing of the permits and easements of boundaries, the next step is for the work crew to mark the pipeline right of way (ROW) with flags. This is done to outline the area that all of the pipeline construction will take place in so that there is no accidental drilling on nearby unapproved property. The flags mark the temporary construction zone as well as marking any storage and staging areas.

Construction Staging Areas

Prior to pipeline construction, the storage areas are identified and this is where all of the construction equipment, employee vehicles, and construction tot and trucks will be. Other items that are stored in these areas include sandbags, fuel tanks, stakes, silt fencing, as well as equipment parts.

This general overview can provide insight into what to expect from the process of working with pipeline companies in Alberta.

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