Jun 7, 2013

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The Process of Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Indianapolis IN

When you get in an extreme financial bind, it can seem like there is no way out of it. Those creditors keep calling, bills keep piling up, and life can be terribly stressful. Fortunately, there are ways to get relief when you feel you have exhausted every other option to get out of debt. Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Indianapolis IN is one way to wipe out your debt and make a fresh start again. Some people believe this will completely destroy your credit. However, even though it remains on your credit history for 10 years, it is better to have a bankruptcy on your credit history than to have a long list of delinquent financial accounts.

In order to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Indianapolis IN, you will first need to hire a bankruptcy attorney. The attorney will let you know what information he needs and he can handle the case from there. You need to gather all of your proof of debts, proof of income, and any other financial information you may have. It normally only takes one trip to court for this type of case. When the judge reviews your financial situation, he will grant you the right to bankruptcy if your income is substantially lower than your debt.

The process of filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Indianapolis IN is not as difficult as what some may think. During this time, creditors are not allowed to call you hounding for money once they know you are filing Bankruptcy Indianapolis IN. If they call, you must let them know what is going on, give them your attorney’s name and phone number, and tell them they can contact the attorney. By law, creditors cannot call you back once they have this information. Getting the creditors off your back is a huge relief after being called by them over and over for an extended length of time.

Finding yourself in a tough financial situation is nothing to be ashamed of. In today’s economy, it is happening to many people all over the country. The important thing is getting yourself out of this situation and making sure it never happens again. Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Indianapolis IN is the perfect way to do this. Visit Thewrightlawgroupllc.com to get detailed information on how to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy cases in Indianapolis, IN.




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