Dec 31, 2018

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The Process Of Concrete Waterproofing

For residential treatment of concrete to give it a long life and to make it look beautiful, there are two basic choices. One is do-it-yourself concrete treatments and the other is professionally applied concrete waterproofing.

The do-it-yourself option does have its upside. It is relatively inexpensive and today, more than ever, there are a wide range of products to choose from at most paint and hardware stores and outlets.

The problem with do-it-yourself concrete waterproofing is that the product is not commercial grade. It will not stand up the same as a professionally applied product which is only available through a factory trained contractor. Even though it will be less expensive, the concrete waterproofing you apply yourself won’t be as durable and will also not have the professional look you can expect with a commercial application and product.

Preparing the Surface
Another reason the home application of concrete waterproofing don’t last as long is the level of care in the surface preparation typically done by homeowners. This isn’t to say they don’t take time to do the work, they simply don’t have the equipment and experience to complete this very important step in the process.

Surface preparation prior to applying concrete waterproofing involves several steps. First, the surface of the concrete must be free from dust and debris. In addition, with new concrete this includes removal of special chemicals used in the curing process. These chemicals and debris or dust can create areas where the waterproofing material doesn’t bond with the surface, leading to peeling or flaking over time.

Then, it is important to makes sure an existing damage to the concrete is repaired before applying the concrete waterproofing. Remember, this is a skin or a coating which will follow the surface in detail, so irregularities and damage should be fixed properly before applying the material.

Depending on the traffic and the use of the room or area the concrete waterproofing may be applied in different thicknesses and with various application techniques. This is where training and experience in working with the material is essential to produce a durable, beautiful floor surface with a very long life.

Choosing professionals services for your concrete waterproofing is important. While you can do it on your own you will not be able to purchase the professional quality products and you won’t have the expertise and experience to get the end result you want.

At Armored Basement Waterproofing, our factory trained contractors are experts at installing our various concrete waterproofing products on any floor surface.

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