Oct 23, 2013

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The Primary Aspects of Landscape Design Waukesha WI

Professional landscaping of your property encompasses many aspects. This type service is used to enhance your property and to create the ideal space for your outdoor lifestyle. It can include the basics like flower planting, plant and tree placement, grading and site prep, removal of trees or other foliage, tree pruning, and sod and seed installation. Landscape Design Waukesha WI can also include privacy solutions, retaining walls, patio construction, walkways, and other functional and aesthetic solutions. The following will briefly describe the primary aspects of landscape design services.


As soon as you decide to have your yard professionally landscaped, you should make an appointment for a consultation. The consult will cover what you want, what can be done, and how much it will cost. You should expect a free written estimate for these professional services whether it is for basic landscape design or for extensive landscaping. You will discuss any drainage problems you might have on your property or concerns about erosion you might have so the landscape architect can come up with solutions for you that meet your desires. This communication between you and your landscaping professional is very important to your final outcome.

Planting and Removing

You and the landscape professionals work together to determine what plants, flowers, trees, brush, and other foliage you want to keep, remove, or have planted on your property. They will examine the trees and foliage in your yard to find out if there are any diseased or damaged trees and/or foliage. They get rid of nuisance and diseased trees and add healthy plants, flowers, trees, and foliage to your yard.

Walkways and Patios

Landscaping also encompasses the design of patios and walkways on your residential property. You will be involved in every aspect of the design, creation, and approval of he walkways and patios these professionals design for you. You are in control of the final outcome for your landscaping. Whatever you envision for your patio or walkways can be done.

If you have erosion, privacy, or drainage problems on your property, Landscape Design Waukesha WI experts can help you design something that will give you want you want and need for your yard. Front and back yard solutions are provided so you can enjoy your outdoor scenery just as you like it. Bluemel’s Garden and Landscape Center offer these aspects as well as retaining walls and specialty elements for your landscaping needs.

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