The Power of Engagement through Improv for Businesses in Houston

Workplace structures can pose an interesting navigational challenge, particularly when it comes to integrated communication between the employers and the employees. The only effective approach to increasing productivity and lifting morale is communication.

Teambuilding and Improved Communications through Energetic Improv

Contrary to probable expectations, an important part of professional development and corporate team building in Houston, TX, resides in improvisation. Improv creates a safe space or venue for employees to put forward and communicate their aspirations, personal aspects and things they encounter in their daily work. Through fun and improv, communication connections are discovered that lead to confidence, efficiency and effective conflict resolution.

Benefits of Improv

Improv and business allow little time for planning in quickly-evolving circumstances. Improvisation develops skills in connecting, observing and responding. It increases the ability to make quick decisions and see their effect on others, making a business’s team faster and nimbler on their feet and better at work execution and achieving high goals.

The Statistics Show

As much as 70 percent of employees don’t feel engaged while employees remain interested in training and development. Employee engagement leads to 18 percent higher customer retention, 37 percent lower employee absenteeism, 41 percent fewer safety events and 41 percent fewer product defects. And it leads to 2.5 times more growth in revenue compared to companies with low engagement.

Increase Engagement and Productivity through Improv

Improv coaches aren’t actors. They have decades of experience working at the front lines with multi-million-dollar clients and living office politics, difficult workers and insane deadlines. They later discovered improv’s power for shared experiences, shared laughter, stress relief and strong community. Corporate team building in Houston, TX, can build bridges that connect managers and teams and grow businesses.

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