The Positive Role Of Socialization In Senior Living

Humans are social animals. While, admittedly, some crave the company of people more than others do, the need does exist. This is true for both genders and all ages. It all does not matter whether you are part of a facility for senior living in Bend Spokane WA or a farmer elsewhere in Spokane WA, the rule applies. People need to socialize.


Socializing takes on many forms. It can refer to a daily, weekly or monthly get together of like minds. It can indicate the involvement in exercise groups or crafts. Seniors may get together for a coffee or arrange to have a meal together at a restaurant or someone’s home once a week or month. Playing games such as bridge, crokinole and even poker can be part of a healthy interaction at a senior living facility.

Socialization assumes many different forms. It really does not matter exactly what type of socialization the senior takes part in. What is important is that he or she does take become involved in something, some activity that extends beyond his immediate family or caregiver.

Affects Of Socializing

If you are elderly or are the caregiver for someone who is a senior, living is not truly complete without socializing. According to research, the interactions between peers need to be granted as much importance as dieting and exercise for overall well being. There are several reasons why this is a truism.

* Depression – socialization can help alleviate this issue by making them aware of other individuals and decreasing the sense of loneliness which can result in depression

* Loneliness – the sense of being apart and alone can be reduced by joining a group, exercising or being in the company of peers. They can understand the loss of a spouse and other related matters that produce this sensation

* Memory Loss – Socialization and exercise together help to stimulate memory

* Health – socialization can decrease many potential health problems that can result for a senior living in Spokane WA. The reasons vary from stress reduction through meeting people and sharing problems and concerns

* Self-esteem – Socialization benefits seniors by improving their self-esteem. They feel a greater sense of worth by the process

* Longevity – when seniors socialize (and exercise) they reduce stress and eliminate feelings associated with isolation. This reduces the risk of certain stress-related health risks improving their quality of life and, therefore, extending their longevity
When it comes to senior living in Bend Spokane WA, socialization plays a key role in maintaining or improving the quality of life. All you need to add is social activities. It will give caregivers a break and work wonders for a senior’s physical and emotional health. It is important for seniors, their families and caregivers to recognize this. In doing so, they will be able to provide the best type of care possible.

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