Dec 24, 2015

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The Popularity Of Blackstone Cigars

The Popularity Of Blackstone Cigars

Most people are aware that Blackstone cigars are actually produced by Swisher, a truly iconic brand in the tobacco products industry. Blackstone is unique for many cigar smokers as it is actually made from pipe tobacco, but they produce a true cigar type of experience with a wide variety of flavor options.

The most recognizable aspect of Blackstone cigars is the cream colored plastic tip and the stylized band of black, gold and white with the pronounced B. This adds to the smoking experience and makes this brand a good option for both men and women. Often the first cigar someone tries is going to be a Blackstone, particularly one of the flavored varieties.

Flavor Options

As all of the Blackstone cigars are made with blended pipe tobacco, the overall strength of the cigars ranges from a very mild to a mild-medium level. They are often described as a very mellow cigar, perfect for an after dinner smoke or to enjoy throughout the day.

They are also somewhat sweeter than many flavored cigars, which also makes them a great anytime smoke. The company makes filtered cigars as well as cigarillos, and this provides even more options for new cigar smokers or those that enjoy the classic flavor in these cigars.

By far the most popular options in Blackstone cigars are the wine, vanilla, cherry, and peach flavors. These are sweet flavors but they are not overwhelming, and they allow the natural flavor or the tobacco to come through for a very pleasant smoking experience. The flavored tobacco also produces a great aroma that can be appreciated even by the non-cigar smokers in the crowd.


This is not a difficult cigar brand to find. Most tobacco stores, cigar stores and even local convenience stores will have a good selection of Blackstone cigars and cigarillos.

However, for lower cost and greater variety and freshness, don’t buy at these locations. Instead use one of the buy online cigar sites for your orders. This ensures that the product is constantly turning over, allowing you to get the best quality cigars at a much lower price than you will find in a retail outlet.

Another advantage to buying you Blackstone cigars online is that you can also branch out and try other machine-made cigars and cigarillos. While you may find you prefer the Blackstone brand and options, trying different brands will help you to learn more about your smoking preferences.

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