The Pivotal Role of Bankruptcy Crisis Communications in Los Angeles, CA

When a company faces disruptions, including corporate management changes, financial restructuring, downsizing, reorganization or Chapter 11 bankruptcy, it often finds itself in new and uncertain territory and requiring the guidance of specialized and knowledgeable professionals.

An effective communications strategy for Chapter 11 bankruptcy is built on professional insight into the challenges and procedures involved. Expert communications counsel services are well-versed in defusing a crisis situation spurred by bankruptcy.

How Crisis Communications Works

Crisis communications in Los Angeles, CA, value the inherent potential for building and strengthening relationships with investors, employees, customers, vendors and the press as a result of an effective response. An individualized communications plan developed in close partnership with clients and law firms helps promote successful outcomes and build optimism.

Successful communications are essential to maintaining the business’s value and positioning it for a successful reemergence.

Crisis communications services include:

• Crisis Response Support

• Monitoring of Social Media

• Media Training and Message Development

• Investor Relations

• Press and Media Relations

• Content Creation

Crisis Communications Experts

Crisis communications in Los Angeles, CA, involves a diverse range of experts in bankruptcy and crisis public relations. They represent background and experience in media, entertainment, banking, technology, energy and other related industries. They also have the flexibility and adaptability to offer companies the necessary support for a quick, calm and consistent mode of response throughout the process.

Bob Gold & Associates has more than two decades of experience in carrying out successful publicity, marketing and communications campaigns.

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