The Origins Of Natural And Lab Created Diamonds

Diamonds have always had a natural allure. Natural diamonds are formed from carbon deposits that are located approximately a hundred and twenty kilometers or more beneath the earth’s surface.

Over time, and with the intense and immense pressure and temperature, the carbon forms into diamonds. The amount of time this combination of heat and pressure requires to form a diamond is between one and three billion years, while some may take more or less time to form. Coloured diamonds go through the same process, with surrounding minerals and trace elements contributing to the distinctive colours.

Then, through volcanic action, diamonds are brought to the surface with magma. As the magma cools in vertical structures, it forms into a rock known as kimberlite, and it is these kimberlite structures that are the source of most natural diamonds.

While beautiful, natural diamonds are also linked to unethical practices in mining and environmental destruction at the sites of the mines and the surrounding areas. Many consumers today opt for a sustainable, ethical, and affordable option in lab created diamonds.

Two Options for Creating Laboratory Grown Diamonds

Today, lab-created diamonds offer an alternative to natural diamonds. The same process of using heat and pressure can be used to create these diamonds. A small seed diamond is used to start the process, with molten carbon under pressure used to add to the structure.

CVD or Chemical Vapor Deposit is another process that also starts with a tiny seed diamond. With this process, gas heated to approximately 3000 degrees Celsius fills a sealed chamber that contains the tiny seed diamonds. The heat and the gas mixture form layers over the seed diamond to create larger or smaller diamonds in days.

It is possible to produce stunning lab created diamonds of up to one carat in less than five days. Beautiful and affordable, these laboratory created diamonds are the perfect addition to bespoke wedding jewellery, exquisite statement pieces, or beautiful rings for any occasion.

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