Oct 17, 2013

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The Options of Fence Installation in Scranton, PA

Most homeowners get uncomfortable when stray animals or unfamiliar people wander onto their property. The urge to install a fence for the safety and security of their family becomes overwhelming. They could purchase and install a fence themselves, but the time, money, parts, and tools that go into the construction get expensive. The most economical option is to hire an experienced fencing professional who can swiftly and properly install the fence of their preference. Hiring the right contractor specializing in Fence Installation in Scranton, PA is key to owning a strong, attractive property fence.

Choosing the correct type of fencing can depend largely on it’s function and appearance. There are four makes of fencing, each with various benefits, that a contractor like Rutkoski Fencing, Inc. can install. Chain link is the cheapest and most versatile, but does not offer much privacy. Wood fencing can be cut to fit the shape of any terrain, supplying privacy and security with an aesthetically pleasing facade. The durability, appearance, and maintenance free guarantee of vinyl fencing make it an intriguing choice although it can cost more than both chain link and wood. Finally, ornamental fencing is the most expensive product since it is composed of aluminum and steel. The cost is justified by it’s strength and the appealing motif designs incorporated into it’s construction.

All four types of fences are installed using the same basic process. To start, the companies specializing in Fence Installation in Scranton will come to the client’s house to measure and provide an estimate. Once the client has agreed to the estimate and all sewer, water, and gas lines are marked, the contractor will mark the fence perimeter and begin drilling the post holes equidistant apart. The posts are then driven into the holes, set straight, and surrounded by concrete, which is typically allowed to set up overnight so that the fence has maximum strength. Once the posts are ready, the rails are attached using a level to ensure the finished product does not appeared angled. The pickets, chain link fabric, or assembled vinyl panels are then secured to the rails at the correct tension or spacing. Finally, the gates are attached by metal hinges and any necessary specialty trimming is completed.

A quality fence can increase the value of a home while providing both privacy and security for a family. Hiring an experienced fencing professional is the best way to achieve this goal.

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