May 20, 2015

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The New Standard of Luxury Apartments in Manhattan

The New Standard of Luxury Apartments in Manhattan

Luxury apartments in Manhattan are big news especially since higher-end apartments are setting a new standard of luxury. Typically luxury apartments are tucked away in older stately buildings uptown with nice views of the park, maybe some marble floors and a doorman or two but today’s standard of luxury is on a completely new level. Today’s luxury apartment hunters want it all. Marble floors are a nice touch but they are a throwback to the past and are not necessarily what the new luxury crowd is looking for. New construction has paved the path for better amenities with today’s version of luxury in mind.

The Elements of Luxury Apartments

Today luxury means two things; convenience and aesthetics. People living in Manhattan can have the best of both worlds. Here is what the perfect day looks like for someone living in a luxurious Manhattan apartment:

  1. Wake up to amazing views of the city, panoramic views are the best.

  2. Call down to the concierge to confirm tickets or reservations for entertainment events.

  3. Take the elevator to the fitness center for a spin class.

  4. Go take a dip in the pool.

  5. Visit with out of town guests that are residing in the available guest suite.

  6. Play a game of billiards with the guests.

  7. Dress for a meeting in the conference room in the building.

  8. Check out the amazing view from the 70 foot terrace.

  9. Shower in your bathroom with the white Nanoglass floors and walls.

  10. Pull in to the gated Porte cochere with the automated parking garage, and then start your day.

The New Definition of Luxury

The above list of a day in the life at a luxury apartment in Manhattan is completely doable. Luxury no longer means having a doorman carry in the bags for you. Luxury means a full time concierge to attend to your needs. A 75 foot indoor swimming pool with sauna and Jacuzzi. It means a billiard room and guest suites are available. The face of luxury has completely changed in Manhattan. Finding and owning a luxury apartment is much easier than it used to be. You can own your own real estate while living in the heart of the city. The bar for luxury in Manhattan has been raised and become a place where lifestyle is the key to luxury, not just marble floors.

Luxury apartments in Manhattan can be found at 252 E 57th Street, and offer perfectly appointed apartments with amenities that go beyond the norm. Contact them to make an appointment and view apartments that set the standard for luxury today.

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