Feb 4, 2014

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The New School Of Digital Advertising Services

If you are still advertising exclusively using radio, television or print you are missing out on the latest frontier for marketing your product, service and brand. Digital advertising services offer companies of all sizes the option to take advantage of the growing online sales and marketing industry to expand their customer base and boost their brand recognition.

Digital advertising services continue, year after year, to become more and more cost effective and provide a higher rate of return when compared to more costly traditional types of advertising. Just consider the cost of a television commercial at the 2013 Super Bowl. It is reported that the cost for just the shortest 30 second commercial at Super Bowl XLVII was a staggering four million dollars. However, even a 30 second prime time ad is going to average about $110,000, significantly more than most companies can afford.

The Increase In Online Browsing

For just a fraction of the cost of a Super Bowl commercial or the cost of running a regular prime time spot ad, digital advertising services can reach just as many if not more people on a regular, ongoing basis.

This is because more and more people turn to the internet to research products, learn about new and existing items on the market and to even make a purchase online. In a recent study in October of 2013 by InternetRetailer, it was found that 65% of people would shop online for Christmas gifts before they actually went to a retail outlet to make a purchase. Having the ability to attract your current customers and potential customers to your online advertising only makes digital advertising services all the more important.

Increase In Online Purchases

Customers will also increasingly look at products in stores and then shop online to get lower prices, free shipping and rewards for shopping with online retailers. About 63% of a study sample said that they preferred this option to get better prices. Digital advertising services that allow the people looking for the product and service you offer to find you online and go to your website is a low cost way to attract this increasingly important type of shopper.

The most effective digital advertising services make it evident to the customer why your product or service is the one they want. It is targeted to attract people that are looking for what you are selling, which is very different than the generalized ads that have traditionally made up the marketing options available to business.

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