Apr 12, 2013

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The Need For A Taxi Seal Beach

The Long Beach area is a city that is known for its nightlife. If you head down Pine Avenue in the heart of Long Beach you will find that there are dozens of clubs and bars that are filled until last call around 2am. Where there are a lot of clubs and bars there are also a lot of taxis, as there are plenty of (smart) people who leave the cars at home and leave their drunken journey back to the taxis that are in the area. A little bit south of Long Beach along PCH is the community of Seal Beach which sits in between Long Beach and Huntington Beach. While Seal Beach is not as known for its nightlife as Long Beach, it does have some bars on its Main Street that are known to “hop” until closing time. For those who like to party on their nights’ off, a Taxi Seal Beach is the best way to get to and from these clubs.

For those who like the people who like to hang out in Long Beach on a Friday or Saturday night, but don’t like the crowds, Seal Beach is a great place to go. Not only does it offer great shops, restaurants and beaches in the daytime, it offers several pubs that are open until last call. These bars and pubs are typically packed to the brim on the weekends, but don’t feel as overcrowded as they tend to feel in Long Beach. People can literally spend all day in the city and then close a place down at night. With a taxi, you also don’t have to worry about driving home after the long day either.

One can easily take a Seal Beach yellow cab or a bus into during the day, stay to drink and then take a taxi back to one of the surrounding cities. Simply do a bit of research before and put the number of the Yellow Cab service in your phone so that you have the number handy when you are ready to go. It’s the best way to end your night: not driving home drunk.

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