Feb 19, 2016

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The Most Requested Menu Items For Asian Catering in Los Angeles

The Most Requested Menu Items For Asian Catering in Los Angeles

Hosting an event can be a lot of work, as it is stressful to create an experience that everyone will enjoy. While there are many facets that must be considered, one of the most important is the food that will be served. While there are large number of restaurants that provide catering, one of the most overlooked is Asian cuisine. Asian Catering in Los Angeles can provide every person in attendance with a delicious meal that will be the highlight of any event. The wide array of menu choices can make choosing the perfect items complicated but, by incorporating the following items, every event planner can be assured that everyone in attendance will have their palates satisfied.

Appetizer Options

Offering delicious nibbles before the main course is served can help draw attendees in and give them something to subside hunger right away. Chicken wings seasoned with sesame oil and teriyaki sauce are delicious, easy-to-eat treats. Edamame is also popular as are spring rolls. Talk to an Asian catering company and make sure the dietary restrictions of everyone are addressed.

Dinner Choices

Fried rice dishes are one of the most well-known and most-requested items at an Asian restaurant. Other popular choices include soba noodle dinners as well as the ever-popular Thai basil. Be sure to offer a variety of protein choices, including shrimp, chicken, and tofu, so everyone will have something to eat that will be in line with any diets they may be following. Salads are also popular and are a great way to include a low calorie offering.


Most people agree that dessert is the most popular part of any meal. Be sure to offer a variety of sweet treats so everyone in attendance can leave full and satisfied. Floating fruit dips are the most common dessert offerings in Asian Catering in Los Angeles, but there are a wide array of fried dough items as well, such as almond cookies and red bean doughnuts. Providing choices will help ensure everyone can have a dessert they will enjoy.

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