Mar 5, 2015

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The Most Popular Ways to Use Chocolate Coins

Custom chocolate coins are no longer just for the holidays. With many suppliers now offering the highest quality, Belgian chocolate, with endless customization options, there are a number of new uses for these delicious and customizable treats. Some of the primary ways they are now being used are highlighted here.

As Wedding Favors

With wedding season right around the corner, you should not forget to provide your guests with some type of favor or treat. A personalized chocolate coin provides you with a favor that anyone will enjoy. You can make them unique and they will be a memorable gift for your guests.

As a Tradeshow Giveaway

Another way to utilize chocolate coins for your benefit is at a tradeshow. After all, people are going to come by your display and expect to receive something for free. With chocolate coins you can customize your giveaway and help entice people into your booth.

As a Birthday Party Favor

Everyone loves chocolate. Especially at birthday parties. And what is better than being able to hand out customized chocolate coins with your child’s name on it? Not only will your child love the gesture, but your guests will go away with a sweet treat.

For Hotel Turndown Services

When you own a hotel, guests expect to have a turn down service. A customized chocolate coin can be the ideal option. These coins can be customized with your logo or other message that your guests will see.

For School Fundraisers

Chocolate is one of the best fundraising tools out there. You can sell the school branded chocolate coins to raise money and provide fun treats for the kids. This is defiantly a win-win situation.

Recognitions and Incentives for Employees

A chocolate coin offers you a great, affordable way to let your workers know they are doing a great job. Everyone likes to be recognized, but if you have a large organization, it can be difficult to afford the traditional incentives. However, chocolate coins are affordable and will be appreciated by the workers who receive them.

There are a number of different ways that chocolate coins can be used. While they are still extremely popular for holidays, they are also an item that can be used in many other situations. Think about your life and chances are you can find one or two events that chocolate coins would be perfect for.

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