The Most Popular SIP Business Trunking Features

SIP trunking is what is used to enable a phone exchange system to make and receive calls over the Internet. It’s also capable of controlling messaging, video, and audio applications. There are dozens of features associated with SIP business trunking, but some are certainly more noteworthy than others. We wanted to share some insight into popular features that make SIP trunking a technology worth considering.

Local Numbers Everywhere

When you have access to SIP business trunking, you also have the option to use local numbers anywhere you like. That means those who have remote offices or contractors can have a phone number that is local to where the rest of the business is located. This makes communication much easier for the entire company and can make remote workers feel more a part of the rest of the workplace.

Call Date Records

When you have access to call data records, this gives you extra insight into your business activities and communication needs. If you choose one of the best business trunking services, you can expect this information to be provided in nearly real-time so you’ve never left guessing. In many cases, you can continue to review the call history for a year or more after the calls were made.


Some people might be concerned that having an Internet-based phone system means reaching emergency services would be more difficult. However, that isn’t the truth. There is an e911 system that makes sure any emergency calls are properly routed to the emergency service facility that is local to you. In addition, it can be set up so that your address is easily found by these workers in an emergency situation.

Disaster Recovery Options

Additional factors are taken into account when an emergency or power outage occurs. If your employees are unable to come in for whatever reason, the SIP trunks can be rerouted to another location, which means your workers can continue to take calls. This is a huge advantage over typical phone services where an outage might lead to no access to calls for an extended period or hour s or even days.

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