Sep 23, 2015

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The Many Uses for Wood Chips in St. Paul MN

The Many Uses for Wood Chips in St. Paul MN

wood chips in St Paul MN are essentially a type of organic gold. There are a number of impressive uses for these tiny pieces of wood. Taking some time to learn about how to put these to good use can help minimize waste and even save money. Some of the main ways to use woodchips are highlighted here.


While this is one of the most obvious uses, Wood Chips in St. Paul MN provide two main benefits for plants: they help the plants stay warm and retain water. Also, they suppress the development of weeds in the garden beds, which make it much easier to maintain in the long term. When a layer of wood chips is spread over the garden during the spring, it will provide an aesthetically appealing look and also provide protection during the winter.

Composting Material

There is quite a bit of carbon contained in wood chips and they are ideal for building up soil. Simply by using the wood chips as a mulch will improve the soil; however, they can also be added to the compost as the brown layer. They will help to enrich and break down the dirt, making it more nutritious for the plants that it is spread on.


Much like other types of wood products, wood chips can be a great source of fuel. They are especially useful for smaller, controlled fires and as a fire starter. They can be used in biomass reactors, too if necessary.


Another popular use for wood chips is as a substrate for walkways. They will help to even out the ground and provide suppression of weeds in the lawn and garden areas. Prior to creating the walkway of wood chips, it is a good idea to lay down some type of weed barrier to help and increase the lifetime.

Taking the time to learn about the many uses of wood chips can help anyone see how useful they can be. Don’t just throw out wood chips, since they offer quite a few benefits for the yard and garden. While these can be purchased, they can also be gathered at home, reducing the cost for homeowners.

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