Nov 23, 2015

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The Many Options In BMW Rims

The Many Options In BMW Rims

Driving a BMW is a great experience, but the stock wheels available on the various models may not have the style and design features that really match the vehicle. For drivers that what to upgrade, moving to aftermarket BMW rims provides a wide selection of styles, options, colors and choices that allows for personalization without detracting from the overall look and lines of the vehicle.

There are a lot of different options in BMW rims, as most aftermarket rim manufacturers will offer several models that will work on BMWs, Mercedes, Infiniti, and other high-end types of luxury and performance vehicles.

If you are considering upgrading your BMW rims to an aftermarket wheel, take the time to look at all the options from the various manufacturers. Not only will this give you a better overall idea of the designs, but it will also be effective in then looking at pictures of your vehicle, or a similar type of vehicle, with those rims in place.

Open or More Detailed

There is a lot of difference in how open or how detailed the face and spokes of the various BMW rims can be. For a simple and minimal look, a standard five-spoke rim is a great option. To add a bit more style and design consider going to black from silver or chrome and adding white or silver accent around the rim.

For a more elaborate look to the spoke, look for double spokes, branched spokes, or custom types of spoke designs. These can still create an open look, or they may be more detailed or solid in appearance.

Colors Make a Difference

There is a big difference in how BMW rims look on a vehicle depending on their color and finish, even if they are the same design. Black and matte gray colors tend to be more subtle and softer looking, blending with the tire and a dark colored paint.

For a more obvious focus on the wheel consider silver, silver or chrome and black, or a gold, copper, or bronze finish on the BMW rims. These will stand out from the vehicle, particularly with the highly reflective chrome and chrome and black options.

To create a sporty and performance type of look, consider a black rim with orange, yellow, red, green, blue, or white color combination. You may even want to choose a custom paint option on the BMW rims, allowing you to fully customize the wheels to match your vehicle perfectly.

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