The Many Different Types of Permanent Hair Extensions

If you want to add volume and length to your hair, then you should consider using some high quality hair extensions. Permanent hair extensions come in a huge range of colours, styles, lengths and thicknesses so you can always be sure to find one that matches your hair perfectly. Permanent hair extensions last for up to six months, so they are great for those who are looking for a long term option when it comes to hair styling. You will also find that permanent hair extensions look more natural when compared to other methods such as dying, because they blend in with your existing hair without leaving patches of colour or visible seams.

Braids and Weaves

Braided extensions are attached manually to your hair. Before you attach the braids, you first need to braid or weave your own hair. The braids will run horizontally across the middle of your scalp, so the permanent extensions can be sewn in with ease. Your normal hair will be invisible to the naked eye after sewing in the extensions; however it is always recommended that you purchase extensions which match the same colour as your hair. This is especially the case if you have longer hair, as it helps when blending in your extensions. Braids and weaves are very affordable to purchase, and by binding your hair in tiny braids you can also help to protect it from damage. The great thing about braids is that they can withstand a world of styling techniques without becoming damaged, making them a long lasting and very durable option for those looking for a new style. In most cases, micro-beads are used to connect the hair, making it safe and secure for a number of existing hair styles.

Hot and Cold Fusion

Fusion extensions can last anywhere from three to six months. The extensions themselves are glued into the roots of your hair, making them very natural looking. If you choose to have hot and cold fusion hair extensions fitted, then you should first take a look at the maintenance required. Hot and cold fusion hair extensions require a lot of maintenance, and you have to be careful when styling your hair because of the glue. Your stylist will be able to talk to you about this, providing you with a step by step care guide as well as providing you with top tips when it comes to styling your hair.

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