The Many Benefits Of Frameless Shower Doors

The design concept of modern bathrooms embraces openness and fluidity. The designs bring together the best of decorative tile, contemporary fixtures and impressive lighting. Traditional shower doors have historically been manufactured with intrusive frames that are not in harmony with what designers are attempting to create, today frameless shower doors in Chicago help in creating an open and fluid space. Frameless shower doors do not interfere with decorative tiles and accents and as such are rapidly becoming the new norm.

Elegant and tough:

There is no denying the elegance of frameless shower doors in Chicago, however, they are also tough. These doors are sturdy and safe and as there is no metal used in their manufacture, there is never a concern with corrosion which can be a concern in homes with hard water. The door is manufactured completely of glass, the majority open and shut by swinging on hinges. Although they can be installed as a standalone shower component, they are usually part of a total frameless shower enclosure.

The selling point most often mentioned is appearance; there isn’t one. A shower enclosure and door that are practically invisible add considerably to the perception of room size.

Luxurious retreats:

Modern bathrooms are far more than utilitarian rooms; today’s homeowner is looking to transform their bath into a luxurious spa. Glass shower doors are an ideal way to reduce maintenance and improve looks. As there are no metal surrounds or metal tracks maintenance is much easier and the fact that seals are such that they keep the water in means less work in keeping the bathroom spotless.

Frameless shower enclosures and doors can make your bathroom appear larger than it really is and there are no problems with design, they can be designed and installed in practically any space.

Frameless shower doors in Chicago are durable and beautiful, opening up your bath no matter how small it may be. You are invited to discuss your concepts with Lakeview Glass Inc.

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