Aug 26, 2015

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The Many Benefits of Ceramic Paint

While there are lots of paints that will make your house look good, it is ceramic paint that will actually protect your house from time and elements. With the advent of these high quality paint options it is now possible to get long lasting protection for the outer walls. Even though they cost a bit more than regular paint, the quality they provide offers more value for money than any other variant in the market. You can avoid multiple re-paints and save thousands of dollars in the process. With a durable product like this one can ensure a much protection for the house or building even in places which have extreme weather conditions.

These high quality high performance ceramic paints offer more than protection. Low in VOC’s they environment friendly and a healthier option for all occupants. They are also easily applicable and typically provide 3.5 times greater film thickness than regular paint options. They also last 5 times longer which shows the value proposition in the products. Blended with the longevity and beauty there is immense financial benefits to this choice for residential as well as commercial buildings. They are environmentally safe with ample UV protection for the walls. Waterproof and vapor permeable features combine with flexibility and breathability to allow the paint to seamless bond with the walls and prevent chipping and easy cracking.

When you opt for a ceramic paint, you opt for low maintenance solution for your walls. These come with high build acrylic-urethane-elastomeric formula that eliminate the need for frequent repainting and keeps the home beautiful for years. Advanced use of technology combines the urethane with elastomeric acrylic resins leading to excellent adhesion and bonding. The thick rubber-like membrane offers a soundproof environment with high quality insulation as well as Class A fire rating. As a result they help increase the value of the home and aid in its resale big time. Typically, with a leading brand one can even get a 25 Year transferable warranty for the paint which adds to this resale value.

The durability and the incredible longevity of the paint is the result of this innovative technology and close attention paid to the quality detail. This paint is well-equipped to protect a property against the harshest weather conditions. It resists easy fading and is corrosion as well as mildew resistant. Along with a natural and beautiful appearance it offers buildings with high specification insulation and high level overall energy efficiency.

Rhino Shield is a veritable leader in the ceramic paint industry. To learn more about their progressive technologies and benefits offered by this paint, please visit their website.

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