The Many Advantages of Fiber Optic Cabling in San Marcos

Fiber optics have been used for data transmission for many years now. The fiber optic cable is incredibly thin, and is designed to allow for greater speeds. Most internet connections are now powered by fiber optic cabling, with almost all companies throughout the US now preferring fiber optics instead of the standard cables. The number one reason why fiber optic cabling is a better choice is because it allows for greater speeds. If you want fiber optic cabling in your office, you should get in touch with a local internet provider in your area. Here are a few advantages that this type of cabling offers.


One of the main reasons why fiber optic cabling in San Marcos is so popular is because it’s much more durable. The cables can be installed anywhere you like and they aren’t really affected by the rain, or other weather elements. On top of that, these fiber optic cables are covered with a plastic coating, so it doesn’t affect them at all. They can be installed beneath the ground and don’t need to be checked for years to come. Moreover, if the cable breaks, it can be easily spliced and connected together using a machine.

Faster Speeds

As mentioned above, the obvious reason why so many people prefer fiber optic cables is because it provides significantly faster speeds. As a business owner, you would obviously want the best speeds in your office to ensure smooth connectivity. You can get in touch with a reputable company, such as Southern Cal Telecom Inc., to install a connection for you. They will recommend several packages and help you select a suitable one based on your requirements. These are a few advantages of fiber optic cables.

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