Oct 28, 2014

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The Main Advantages of Condominium Ownership

If you are in the market for a new home, you have the option of renting or purchasing a traditional single-family home, owning a condominium or renting an apartment. While there are advantages to all three options, owning a condo definitely offers a few unique benefits. If you are considering purchasing a Condo For Sale in Citycenter Las Vegas learn about some of the most appealing benefits of condominium ownership here.

The Price

When it comes to the price per square foot for a condominium it is typically significantly less than a similar single family home. The monthly payment on the mortgage would also typically be less than what you would pay for an apartment that is of similar quality and size, as well.

No Lease Necessary

When you are comparing owning a condo with leasing an apartment, one of the primary advantages is that you will have a long term mortgage. You will not have to worry with any type of lease renewals. Additionally, a number of apartment leases will require that each person living in the space is approved. The condo will be yours and you will be able to share the space with anyone that you want.

No Type of Exterior Maintenance Required

This is another huge advantage of condo ownership versus a traditional home. You will not have to worry with mowing the lawn, repairing the roof, shoveling the sidewalk, maintaining the siding, etc. You will also have access to a swimming pool but not have to worry with maintaining it.

Community Amenities

When you live in a condo they will come with a number of amenities that will be cooperatively owned by each of the condo owners. While the swimming pool is a standard feature, you may also have access to exercise rooms, gathering rooms, gas grills, racquetball courts and more.

Ability to Remodel

Another benefit offered by condo ownership over renting an apartment is that you can do what you want with the space. You will have the ability to replace flooring, cabinets and appliances. You can even remove or add new walls if you want.

The Social Advantages

When you live in a condo, you will have a number of social benefits. Since the residents will all be owners, you will have neighbors that are more long term than what you would have in an apartment. The fact that you are sharing ownership of the various amenities and your close proximity offers you unique socialization benefits.

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