Apr 14, 2015

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The Key Roles of Property Management in Henderson

If you’re a property owner and have yet to give yourself a break and hire a manager, you may not be familiar with the range of services they offer. Property managers are there to handle all of the daily operations of a property or unit. At Simply Property Management, we take our roles as property managers seriously. These are the key responsibilities that property management in Henderson should cover:

Rent Responsibilities

Professional property managers are largely in charge of the rent. This includes collecting as well as setting the rent.

*  Rent Setting: Our well-versed and seasoned property managers know what level of rent should be sent to attract the right tenants to your property. They have a better understanding of the neighborhood market and have looked at or managed comparable properties. As a property owner, strongly consider their rental price suggestions and see if it affects your financial gains.

*  Rent Adjusting: Certain circumstances may command a rental increase (or, more seldom, a rental decrease). Our managers take over that role and are responsible for increasing the rent by a fixed percentage according to county or state law.

*  Rent Collection: Our managers act as enforcement agents. Their job is to collect the rent on a set date. If no rent comes through, then a late fee should be applied.

Managers also typically determine the amount required for the security deposit, as well as if the first and/or last month’s rent is necessary before a tenant can move in.

Tenant Responsibilities

Management companies save property owners lots of time by handling the tenants.

*  Finding Tenants: We at Simply Property Management offer tenant placement services (including a thorough screening process), making finding the best suited tenants for properties seamless and pain-free. Our property managers are also familiar with which advertising methods work best and for what properties, as well as what information will attract the most qualified tenants.

*  Handling Leases: The property manager will determine the length of the lease and make sure that all necessary provisions are included so that you are protected.

*  Handling Complaints and Repairs: Whether it’s a noise complaint or a leaky faucet, our managers are there to take it on for you.

*  Evictions and Move Outs: Our managers are up to date on landlord-tenant laws surrounding evictions and will do so in a proper way. The manager will be responsible for inspecting the unit once a tenant moves out. He or she will check for damages and figure out how much of the security deposit will be returned.

Other tasks that reputable property management companies like ours offer are maintenance and repairs, regular inspections, supervising vacant properties and other employees, as well as managing the property’s budget.

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