The Joys of Beachfront Resorts and Beach Vacations in the Sun

While certain parts of California are becoming more and more crowded and less appealing for tourists, Orange County remains a stunning tourist attraction. The attractions in Orange County are diverse enough to merit repeat visits.

When you choose to stay at a lovely beachside resort in Orange County, you can always count on a good view of the majestic Pacific Ocean. The amenities at these resorts are great for families, singles, or retired people. Indeed, individuals from all walks of life enjoy the sights and sounds of Orange County’s beaches.

Waterfront Restaurants

Most people choose to sleep in high-quality local beachside resort and spend their days on the beaches. At night, waterfront restaurants are among the most fun tourist destinations you’ll find in Orange County. Back Bay Bistro showcases fresh and seasonal ingredients to satisfy every palate, all on a waterfront view overlooking the water. You might even catch a glimpse of the Back Bay dolphins, sea lions and sea turtles. Thanks to the constant influx of tourists with different culinary tastes, waterfront restaurants feature diverse cuisines from many parts of the world.

Surfing and Sunbathing

Orange County’s positive reputation with tourists only seems to grow every year. If you are a surfer and a sunbather, this region may have a particular appeal for you. With great weather year-round, beachside resorts in Orange County have hosted thousands of top-level surfers.

Water sports enthusiasts from throughout the world frequent these resorts and sing their praises. Newport Beach’s award-winning waterscape, Newport Dunes Water Park offers the largest fleet of inflatables and watercraft rentals, which attract thousands of locals and tourists every summer. After finishing a fun day in the sun, be sure to leave a towel handy for the next day’s surf.

If you’re looking for a great deal on a beachfront resort in Orange County, be sure to conduct online research well before the projected date of your trip. The more you prepare for your vacation, the better your chances of having an enjoyable, affordable trip.

Elegant resorts near Orange County beaches offer amenities like pools, gyms, bars, and top-notch restaurants. Thankfully, most of these hotels feature staff members who are friendly and eager to accommodate you with whatever you need in order to enjoy your California dream vacation in the sun. Watch our latest videos on Youtube.

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