Dec 31, 2013

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The Job of a Locksmith

One of the earliest examples of a lock was found at Nineveh, the Ancient capital od Assyria and it was complete with a key. This type of lock became a later influence on pin lock, developed by the Egyptians. The pin lock consisted of a bolt, along with the door fixture and a key. Inside the lock, the pin were set into holes that were drilled into the bolt. When the key was taken out the pin fell part of the way into the bolt, scattering them and locking the door. The key was then used to realign the pins to open the door.

History of Locks

Over the years locks have become far more complex and technologically advanced, to the point where some locks are completely controlled by remote access and infrared signals only, as well as many other methods. However, the job of a locksmith is and always will be one of those traditional trades that generally requires the completion of a full apprenticeship before they can qualify as a locksmith. In historic terms a locksmith used to invent, construct and repaired a lock of any type, including the component parts.

In 1818 Jeremiah Chubb developed a new lock that could only be opened by its own individual key. This came about when the Government announced a competition to come up with a unique lock after a burglary at a Portsmouth dock yard.

Nowadays locksmiths can choose a profession in which to specialize, such as mobile, commercial, or institutional. They can also specialize in forensics too, which for some is the best job in the world. A locksmith might be called to a home because someone forgets to grab their keys before they closed the door behind them. They might also be called to a shop to fix a lock that has been broken during a break-in or other repair jobs. locksmiths in Coventry, Edinburgh, London and every other city in the country were constantly called out to help people get into their cars too. Locking oneself out of one’s own car was a very common occurrence many years ago before central locking, but nowadays it is not so easy to lock yourself out because the central locking cannot be activated without the remote key in most new vehicles.

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