Feb 6, 2014

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The Job of a Commercial Locksmith in Victor, NY

The job of a commercial locksmith in Victor, NY is a varied one today, and companies of any size will find it helpful to work with a locksmith of this type. Some commercial locksmiths will work with a variety of different companies, while others will be employed as a full time worker by their company. A commercial locksmith works with not only locks and keys, but also sometimes with electronic systems as well.

Some of the main tasks for commercial locksmiths involve locks and keys. When new locks need to be installed, the locksmith will take care of this. When rekeying needs to be done, the commercial locksmith will take care of this as well. The locksmith will usually do periodic checks on all the locks in the building and will also make sure that employees who lose their keys are furnished with new keys. The commercial locksmith will typically maintain his own set of master keys, so that he can get access to the building and any locks within if it is needed at any time.

Many commercial locksmiths today work with security systems and with keyless entry systems as well. Since keyless entry systems are quite a bit more sophisticated and complicated than traditional lock and key systems, the commercial locksmith may spend the bulk of his time on the job working with these systems even if he also works with traditional locks and keys. If a locksmith works with electronic systems, he will maintain a list of all employees who have access and will create replacement key cards as needed.

The commercial locksmith in Victor, NY may also function as an automotive locksmith for you and your employees. Often, companies that maintain a fleet of vehicles, or even companies that only have a handful of vehicles that employees use, will find it useful to have their commercial locksmith help out with car lock outs. No matter how carefully you plan, or how responsible that you may be, lock outs do happen sometimes, or you might lose your keys. Your commercial locksmith can also help keep you and your employees on the road without missing a beat when these types of emergencies arise.


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