The Inner Workings of Repairs in the Septic Tank

The septic system is a weird world of massive sewage pumps, fecal matter, and industrial septic drain fields. The whole expanse is built in an effort to move waste and byproduct through a system and away from the people. This way, it is harmless and not damaging to health, while also maintaining cleanliness. The septic system is an essential component of any civilized and highly populated society. There just has to be a method to deal with this issue, and the septic system is the best possible answer, meticulously designed and refined over years to be the perfect resource for this issue. As well, it constantly evolves and changes as upgrades and scientific peddling finds smoother and more effective ways to handle waste in the septic.

It is this the very “evolution” and “technology change” that improves everything dramatically? But how are improvements targeted? If everything is working fine, how do you find improvements, and for that matter- why?

Improvements come from repairs. If the septic system is faltering in some way, it needs a repair. It is in these very repairs where we find what needs to be upgraded for good.

Below, we go over the most common issues in a septic tank:

1. Trees: Trees break off branches, big and small, and they can clutter a drain pipe. What tends to happen is a major branch causes blockage in a widened area. The single major item is the catalyst for further build-up, as the branch is not always easily resolved through the sewage pump. Then other build-up procures and the issue needs to be manually repaired.

2. Solvents: Some chemicals are simply not made for the septic system. Solvents, can physically deteriorate the tank or any of its components. On this list as well are pesticides, bleach, or even paints. These items will deteriorate the system by eating away at it or causing build-up, and essentially need manual repairs to overcome.

3. Outside Damage: Many issues can be protected against somewhat easily. Others are simply aspects of being a part of this world. Natural occurrences are some of the hardest to protect them, especially in the septic system. A hurricane can cause enough destruction to tear apart even the most well designed septic system, and flooding can cause the entire system to fail. On another note, playgrounds and other obstructions can cause damage to a tank, and the drainage field must be cleared to prevent back-up.

Repairs can be costly, but they are necessary. In Marietta, the system is effectively constructed for most efficiency. Repairs come naturally and organically, and do not have a long “waiting time” between the damage and the fix. The septic tank repair Marietta is an example of a septic system designed and maintained with the utmost care.

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