Feb 15, 2017

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The Injury Lawyers in Tucson, AZ Can Make Your Claim Easier to Pursue

The Injury Lawyers in Tucson, AZ Can Make Your Claim Easier to Pursue

There are many aspects involved in pursuing a personal injury claim, no matter the reason for the injury. A personal injury occurs when a person or business is negligent and causes another person to become injured. Personal injury claims include car accidents, dog bites, assault, and many other types of incidents. A personal injury claim can be pursued, regardless of whether or not criminal activity was involved. Those who become victims of personal injuries are urged to meet with the injury lawyers in Tucson, AZ.

While some personal injury cases do not involve physical injuries, most do. It is imperative victims seek medical help as soon as possible so they can have their injuries documented. This allows the lawyer to be able to use the medical records to pursue the injury claim with the insurance company or in a lawsuit. Medical records are one of the most important pieces of evidence when physical injuries have occurred.

One of the biggest stressors when attempting to settle an injury claim is working with the insurance company. This is because the adjuster is working to settle as quickly as possible while also working to save their company money. Insurance companies award their adjusters when they are able to successfully settle for low amounts, so the adjuster will often place undue pressure on the injured victim.

The injury lawyers in Tucson, AZ take over working with the insurance company and protect their client’s rights against unfair and infringing demands. When a victim is working with the insurance company alone, they are often forced to settle for much less than they would if they had a lawyer protecting them. The lawyer will advise their client on a settlement and can file a lawsuit if the insurance company refuses to settle fairly or denies the claim.

In the state of Arizona, victims have two years to file a lawsuit after their personal injury occurs. If you have become the victim of a serious personal injury, time is ticking away. Call Price and Price Law Office today and they will be happy to schedule your consultation meeting with the lawyer. Allow them to advise you on how you can protect your rights.

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