Jul 29, 2015

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The Importance of Water Drainage Repair in Branford CT and Its Role in Preserving Asphalt Parking Lots

Asphalt is the premiere choice for paving parking lots, roads, and driveways and with good reason. Asphalt is highly durable and strong and with proper maintenance has a lifespan of 25 – 30 years. Even so, the elements take their toll on it. The sun’s ultraviolet rays, cold winter weather, heat and rain all impact asphalt longevity by drying it out. Once it begins to lose its moisture it becomes prone to cracking, splitting and erosion. Routine maintenance of asphalt consists of repairing cracks, cleaning oil, gas, and grease stains and spills, filling potholes, and sealing.

Asphalt contains emulsions and oils which give it a flexible nature. Over time, heat, vehicle traffic, and weather conditions remove these products causing the asphalt to shrink resulting in thermal cracking. Thermal cracking appears at the weaker areas first, typically the edges and eventually developing into 3-4-inch cracks. The asphalt will normally change colors from a rich black to a dull gray due to moisture loss.

Standing or pooling water is one of asphalts deadliest enemies. Water is a universal solvent because with adequate time it will dissolve almost anything. Water Drainage Repair in Branford CT may be required is you notice signs of drainage problems such as residual sand or gravel along low areas of the asphalt. Water can penetrate the pavement in many ways such as snow, rain or groundwater.

Catch basins or storm drains are critical to a parking lot’s longevity as they remove surface water so that it doesn’t accumulate. A storm drain that is higher than the surrounding asphalt is a tripping hazard as well as a contributor to standing water. Water can erode the storm drain’s sub-base causing it to sink and the longer it remains unaddressed, the more water will accumulate in the cracks and holes, freezing and thaw cycles exacerbate the damage.

Improper sloping of the asphalt and inadequate or lack of curbing also contribute to poor drainage and asphalt deterioration. Contacting a professional for Water Drainage Repair in Branford CT to properly grade the parking lot can likely fix the problem. Curbing is important in that it guides the water into the storm drains. Paving professionals provide solutions to problems of water drainage and collection.

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