May 31, 2014

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The Importance of Visiting an Animal Hospital

Most people know they need to take their pets to an animal hospital for check-ups and treatment for illness. Like their human owners, animals can benefit from early detection of a number of conditions. Some illnesses that a simple blood or urine test can detect before they manifest are:

* Kidney disease

* Diabetes

* Heart disease

Vets have to depend on attentive caregivers to inform them about what may be wrong. In some cases, pet owners can accurately relate their observations of the animals such as changes in eating habits. When this is not enough to help medical professionals arrive at a diagnosis, they have to turn to diagnostic tests.

Diagnostic Tests
Of course, sometimes after a pet gets sick, the vet may request further tests to help them determine what is wrong. These types of tests can only be done at a well-equipped animal hospital that is set-up specifically for this purpose. Tests which can help to arrive at a diagnosis include:

* SNAP Parvo Test: This is used to quickly check for the deadly parvo virus

* Cytology: This test is useful as it can identify the cause of ear infections by examining samples of ear secretions. It can also be used to identify other problems such as basal cell tumors.

* Urinalysis: With this test, the urine is examined for signs of urinary tract infections or kidney problems.

The Benefits
There are benefits to utilizing the services of these special health care facilities for animals. With routine blood work and urine tests as part of an annual checkup, vets can get an overall view of the animal’s health. The work of these facilities can help to spot illnesses while they are still in the early stages. This allows the start of an early course of treatment which usually produces a better outcome.

For people who truly love their animal family members, scheduling these regular visits to an animal hospital is recommended. Many pet owners take advantage of these facilities on order to receive the best care for their furry friend, including the ability to diagnose illnesses. Many employees of these facilities are also animal lovers with the right training, and this helps to give pet owners peace of mind.

Visit the OC Veterinary Medical Center’s website at to learn more about what types of services you can expect from a truly caring animal hospital. You can also find us on Facebook for pet care products and services.


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