Jan 27, 2015

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The Importance of Testing For Electro Static Discharge

For many business owners that deal in electronic devices, making sure that the product that they are producing is safe is a top concern. There are several components that make up an electronic device and the way that these components react with each other is a big deal and can be a source of a lot of danger. One of the biggest dangers that lurk just behind the covering of any electronic device is electro static discharge. This danger is the main reason why most electronic manufacturers have ESD CDM Testing on their equipment. Here are a few reasons why this type of testing is so important.

Protecting Your Customers

Perhaps the biggest reason to have this type of testing done is that it will help to protect the customers that you have. The technicians who check the electronic equipment for electro static discharge know what steps to take to ensure that the product that you have is completely safe. Usually the ESD CDM testing at Sage Analytical Lab that is used will alert the technicians to any high levels of discharge that may exist, which they will then give to the manufacturer so they can make the proper changes.

Protecting Your Brand

When choosing to use an establishment like Sage Analytical Lab to test the electronic devices or equipment that you have you will be able to keep a handle on your brand reputation. Putting out defective electronics that could potentially harm the customer will tarnish the reputation that your brand has. The last thing that you want to happen is an accident with your product that could have been avoided by taking certain precautions. By letting a professional test your devices, you will be able to avoid these types of situations.

Protecting Your Investment

Another benefit that comes along with having your devices tested for electro static discharge by a professional is that it will help you to save money in the long run. By catching discharge issues with your product before they are sold, you will be able to avoid a recall that may cost you a lot of money. The money that is paid to a lab for this type of testing will pale in comparison to the money that is spent on recalling a mass amount of product. Make sure that you call around to determine which lab can give you the highest quality testing at the lowest price.

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