Jan 21, 2015

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The Importance of Taking Your Child’s Suicide Threat Seriously

According to recent research, approximately every two hours, a young person will commit suicide in the United States. Adolescent Suicide is not only a huge tragedy, it is also the symptom of a much bigger issue, one that could have likely been treated. There are still a large number of mental disorders that are not taken seriously enough and others will find ways to blame the victim for the medical issue that they suffer from. This is not only unfair, it can also be extremely dangerous, especially for children whose parents do not take their suicide comments or threats seriously.

It can be extremely difficult for parents to admit to themselves that their child is troubled, or that they may have a serious and real mental health issue; the fact is that denial is much easier. However, it is essential that parents understand that suicide is the number three leading cause of adolescent death in the United States.

There is good news. Most mental disorders, such as bipolar disorder, depression and others, have a very high success rate when it comes to treatment. Seeking help and listening to your child can help the behaviors and thoughts stop. There is no cure or treatment for suicide.

If your child is having issues with suicidal thoughts or behaviors, it is important to talk about the problem with your child, counselors at their school and other parents. There are many who are hesitant to discuss their child’s problems with other parents, but this is just another phase of denial. In many cases, adolescents ask their parents for help, it is essential that you are listening.

When it comes to suicide, many children are suffering from depression. Depression is a highly treatable disorder that, when recognized, can be controlled, helping your child to live a full and happy life. However, as a parent it is your job to recognize the signs. If you are worried, or unsure, talking to your child or a psychiatrist can be extremely beneficial.

The bottom line is that you should never ignore a comment made by your child regarding suicide. In most cases this is a cry for help and one that you can ensure they do not follow through with. Take action and ensure your child’s health and happiness, which is, after all, your job as a parent.

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