The Importance Of Stump Grinding

So you have removed a tree or maybe even multiple trees from your yard or property but is it really necessary to have the stumps ground or can you just leave them? In most cases, stump grinding in Bowie MD is necessary and very beneficial. While not having stumps ground may save you some money, it costs in other ways down the round. Following are some of the reasons you should consider stump grinding for any trees you have had removed or cut down.

The primary benefit of stump grinding is that it allows you the ability to replant other trees or even other vegetation in the same area down the road. It is important to remember that a tree’s roots will typically extend out virtually as far as the branches on the live tree did. When you choose to leave a stump in place, you are making it virtually impossible for you to plant a replacement tree anywhere within a roughly ten foot diameter from the old tree site. If you want the option to plant a new tree in that area, you will need to grind and remove the stump. While tree roots are organic material and will eventually break down, “eventually” is the operative word here. If you opt to wait for the old tree’s roots to break down before you can plant again, you will be waiting a very long time. These roots will not only impede future tree planting but even the planting of items requiring much shallower holes such as shrubs or flowers.

In addition to the space originally taken up by the tree being affected, it is important to note that the ability for tree suckers to spring up in various locations nearby is very high. Many tree varieties do not die when chopped down and their innate urge to live and grow will prevail as they such up new suckers each successive year. They seem to multiple as well, sending up as many as ten to twenty suckers a year. When you ensure proper stump grinding in Bowie MD, you prevent this from happening and reduce your future workload of removing unwanted “plantings”.

Another potentially serious consideration and argument in favor of stump grinding in Bowie MD is that tree stumps can be ripe ground for injury to you, your family members or others on your property. Sometimes people may bump into them, trip over them, fall onto them but also, stumps can have cracks that develop. These cracks often turn into large holes (imagine an 80 year old tree with a stump diameter of more than 100 inches). These large holes can look very fun to children playing outside but, in reality, they could be quite dangerous.

For the sake of your yard and the safety of all who enter it, grinding stumps of removed trees is a smart idea and, in the end, is likely to save you far more money that it may cost otherwise.

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