Dec 19, 2014

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The Importance of Savings

It is no secret that most of us live well beyond our means. With access to credit cards and lines of credit it is easy to overspend each month. This often leads to the need for Debt Help Edmonton consumers face. However if you can get into the habit of saving money and starting an emergency fund you can avoid the dangers that can occur such as carrying too much debt.

Loss of Job

Savings are not just set aside for dream vacations or a down payment on a home. Savings are your life line should you run into unexpected hard times. If you lose your job and do not have any savings you will be faced with terrible financial strains. When you are able to put aside money each month your goal should be to have at least six months of savings that will cover your monthly expenses such as your rent/mortgage, monthly bills, food, etc. The more money you have saved, the less difficulty you will encounter when you are caught between jobs.

Emergency Repairs

Savings are very important for homeowners who can encounter the need to cover major expenses that are likely to arise. From a leaky roof to a broken furnace, owning a home comes with far more burdens than a simple mortgage. You can run into any number of financial demands that can catch you unawares. The more money you have available in savings, the easier it will be to manage costly repairs and replacements when they arrive.


Your retirement might be 20 or even 40 years away which makes saving for your future seem less important. However the sooner you get into the habit of saving for your future the more comfortable your retirement. In fact, the more you save, the sooner you will be able to retire as well.

Car Care

If you own a car this is another area that might lead to unexpected expenses. From faulty breaks to new tires and something that can go wrong with the engine, having savings will allow you to cover any costs that might arise to care for your car.

It is very easy to spend money, but far more difficult to save it. The debt help Edmonton consumers seek is always due to poor planning. The better prepared you are to face unexpected changes to your financial situation; the least impact financial challenges will have on your life.

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