Apr 20, 2018

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The Importance Of Researching Transformer Manufacturers

The Importance Of Researching Transformer Manufacturers

In any type of applications where transformers are required, there are two basic options to consider. One is buying a standard on the shelf type of transformer and then working backward to design the system. The other option is to work with a company manufacturing custom transformers.

With the second option, the benefit of having the transformer meet the demands of the system rather than the reverse has significant advantages. It allows the engineering and design team greater freedom and creativity in designing the equipment or system.

The Importance of Experience

However, when choosing a custom-made transformer, it is important to evaluate the different transformer manufacturers. There are some companies with extensive experience and expertise in the industry, while other companies may only have limited experience. Some companies do all the work in-house, while others may subcontract, which can create additional costs, delays, and logistics concerns.

Keep in mind, when contracting with transformer manufacturers it is not just about working to the required specifications. It is also about ensuring the final transformer will meet all required standards. For companies exporting outside of the United States, knowing what is required will be critical in avoiding costly manufacturing issues.

Ability to Problem Solve and Trouble Shoot

With any transformer manufacturers, there may be challenges in developing the ideal transformer based on the specific use of the equipment or system. Additionally, knowing what type of transformer is the best from a single phase through to a three phase transformer as well as the voltage transformation, the number of termination and taps required on the transformer, will all be essential parts of a top design.

Finally, it will be important to compare turnaround time, price and quality control before choosing a manufacturer. The small amount of time doing this background work will ensure the best experience and the best transformer to meet your needs.

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