Dec 3, 2018

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The Importance Of Outsourcing Electro Mechanical Assembly

The Importance Of Outsourcing Electro Mechanical Assembly

In many types of industries, as well as in different systems and equipment, there is an increasingly substantial need for complex systems that include both electronics and mechanical components. These electro mechanical assembly requirements are challenging for several reasons.

Outsourcing this specialized part of the process is important for any OEM, and in particular for startup companies and established companies with new product lines. By considering the issues that are common with this type of assembly, it is easy to see why working with specialists in this area is so critical.

Complex Assembly and Design Elements

A significant challenge for any type of electro mechanical assembly is the degree of precision required. This is not just in the design and the combination of the parts, but particularly in the attention to detail and quality control measures used during the assembly process. Even the most precisely machined and most accurately engineered electronics will not be effective and offer the performance required if they are not correctly assembled.

Smaller Designs Mean Tighter Spaces

With the increasing demand for more functions and features without any change in the physical size of the system, electro mechanical assembly requires even more precision. Each aspect of the design has to be designed and engineered for longevity as well as function and size.

In addition, sub- assemblies such as cable harness assemblies and perhaps even the choice of PCB and assembly services has to be considered with regards to the physical space available.

The Right Technology

With these increasingly specific issues found in all industries, there is an increased need for advanced technology for design, modeling, and testing of the design before production begins. This technology is also constantly evolving, and outsourcing allows the OEM to use the latest in technology and highly trained engineers without the overhead and investment.

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