Jun 17, 2013

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The Trick to Head Lice Treatments

A wingless parasite insect that attacks the head is known as head lice. They are found on your scalp, and they suck your blood. In schools today, head lice are a severe problem. Every year in the U.S. many people get lice. Lice are very small, and they are a grayish brown in color. When they lay eggs they are sticky, and they hold on to the base of the hair. These eggs are called nits. After a period of seven to fourteen days they will hatch. A mature lice is about the size of a sesame see which is around two to four millimeters in length. While they are predominant in children that are age four to eleven, anyone can get them. You can find a quality lice treatment NYC. An early warning sign that you may have lice is itching.

Watch Out for Itching

If you scratch too much, you can develop an infection that is bacterial. Lice do not live on cats or dogs. It is important to search for a lice treatment in NYC. The most important part of treating lice is using a medicine that kills them. A powerful treatment is known as Malathion has to be left on for eight hours for the full effect to be reached.

Tips for Lice Removal

Some people use alternative treatments such as tea tree oil or aromatherapy. It is important not to lie on a bed, pillow, couch, or carpets that have been close to an infected person. You will also want to avoid sharing any kind of clothing. It is important not to leave products like shampoo or cream rinse in longer than it is directed on the bottle. Rinse thoroughly after the treatment is complete. Comb the hair regularly to dislodge and remove the knits.

There are all kinds of home remedies that can be used to treat lice infestations. You can wash the hair with vinegar. After shampooing, apply some coconut oil for a conditioning effect. Mix up some lemon and butter and scrub it down to the scalp, wait fifteen seconds and then rinse. Keep your hair clean and well-groomed. Take a well rounded teaspoon of garlic paste and another well rounded teaspoon of some lime juice. Mix them together and then apply all over the scalp.

To rid your family of lice, be sure to check out Lice Tamers. If you are looking for a lice treatment in NYC, you should look no further. Lice Tamers is family owned and operated, so their staff fully understands how to help you get rid of this problem. Visit Licetamers.com.

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