Sep 26, 2014

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The Importance of Fillings: What a Dentist in Aberdeen Can Do

Tooth decay is an infectious bacterial process that attacks the teeth. It first demineralizes the enamel and then subsequently affects the surrounding structures. If you do not treat decay at an early stage, it may result in the infection of the dental nerve, manifesting with severe pain and inflammation. Subsequently, the decay can attack the bone and other surrounding tissues, which could result in total tooth loss if not treated early. At any point in this process, seeing a Dentist in Aberdeen is a must.

Dental fillings is a treatment aimed at removing caries in its early stages, while still not affecting the pulp of the tooth. Today made mainly of composite materials, since the development of this material has been favorable, it provides functionality of the tooth and restores the natural appearance of the tooth. A filling treatment can prevent caries from growing and therefore, prevents toothaches.

Benefits of fillings

•   Eliminates toothaches or any type of dental discomfort due to any conditions.

•   Cleans the mouth, allowing it to feel fresh.

•   Gets rid of other pathogens that cause cavities.

•   Helps eliminate bad breath.

•   Fills in areas where missing teeth were, restoring its functionality. Dental Implants also provide patients with this option. Speak to your Dentist in Aberdeen about whether this option is right for you.

Importance of fillings

Decay is a progressive disease that does not go away on its own. Decay begins by affecting tissue and is single-sided. With the passage of time, it results in a cavity, which will require seals that are more complex, including a total coronary reconstruction. If you do not seek treatment against decay early, the nerve of the tooth may be affected and a root canal may be needed.

Composite fillings

Tooth decay is an infectious bacterial that attacks the teeth. Treatment for cavities are usually with a filling as this the most conservative, simple and standard procedure. Currently these materials help restore dental function and provide a very natural look. The process starts by removing the affected tissue, cleaning the cavity and impregnating it with a dental adhesive. Then it is filled with light-cured composites that are polished and adjusted to the opposing teeth to allow perfect occlusion. For more information on fillings or tooth decay, contact your local Dentist in Aberdeen.

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