Mar 18, 2019

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The Importance Of Effective Brewery Wastewater Treatment Systems

The Importance Of Effective Brewery Wastewater Treatment Systems

With changes in both technology as well as regulations, smaller craft breweries are popping up all across the United States, including in the state of Texas. These micro breweries offer a range of different local and customized types of beers, ciders and other types of fermented beverages.

However, starting up a small craft brewery is not a simple process. Getting the cash to start up the business is often the easiest step, which choosing brewing equipment, finding a location, and even creating a unique type of beer often the most focused part of the startup.

What is often overlooked is the need to choose between different brewery wastewater treatment systems. These systems range from very expensive permanent types of installations for treating the wastewater to less expensive, portable and highly efficient systems.

The Need for Wastewater Treatment

In all areas, there is a need for brewery wastewater treatment systems. In urban and suburban areas the brewery wastewater has to be treated before entering the sewer system to prevent fines at a municipal level. High concentrations of cleaning solutions used in CIP processes, as well as extreme pH levels in the water, negatively impact water treatment systems.

In rural areas, the same issues mean that brewery wastewater treatment systems have to be in place to prevent contamination of the environment. Using a dewatering system allows for the effluent water from the brewery to be treated and the solids and residue removed, with the resulting wastewater suitable for disposal as groundwater runoff or into the municipal sewer, depending on regulations and location.

These highly efficient dewatering systems use roll-off containers, allowing the brewery to simply arrange for disposal of the solids in the tank as needed. In most areas, this sludge waste can even be used in agricultural applications, which can eliminate the need for disposal costs.

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