Oct 3, 2013

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The Importance Of Cleaning Trap Grease In Indianapolis, IN

There are many responsibilities of owning a restaurant and maintaining a safe and clean kitchen. Part of this responsibility is regularly cleaning the grease traps. Hiring a professional service to clean out your Trap Grease in Indianapolis, IN is important to keep your restaurant running smoothly. Below you’ll learn why it’s important to hire a professional company to clean the trap grease from your restaurant drains.

Q.) Why do I need a grease trap?

A.) A grease trap is installed underneath the sink in your restaurant kitchen to collect the oils and grease from cooking. The trap keeps the grease from going down the drain which would eventually end up in the sewer system.

Q.) Why is it so important to clean the grease trap in my restaurant?

A.) If your grease trap isn’t frequently cleaned out by a professional, the grease can eventually clog the drain. Grease builds up over time and settles in your drain, if it isn’t removed periodically it will rot in the drain. This causes a bad odor and it’s unhealthy as it will cause the growth of germs and bacteria.

Q.) How much does it cost to get my grease trap cleaned out by a professional service?

A.) Many sanitation companies charge a fee based on the number of gallons of grease pumped out of your trap. Depending on the size of your restaurant and the types of foods you serve, will determine the cost of the service. Call your local sanitation company to get an estimate for grease trap removal.

Q.) Am I required by law to have my grease trap cleaned out?

A.) Check your local ordinances for the requirements of a grease trap and the frequency of which they require a cleaning. Some municipalities require restaurant owners to have their business grease trap cleaned out a certain number of times each year. Be sure that you keep a record and the receipt from the cleaning of your Trap Grease in Indianapolis, IN to show for verification.

A professional service has the knowledge and the equipment to clean your restaurant grease trap in Indianapolis, IN. Regular cleaning will ensure that your business is up to code and safe for your employees and customers.


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