The Importance of Allergy Testing in Louisville, KY for Countless Individuals

Doctors may recommend a patient see an allergy specialist when certain allergies are out of control. The purpose of allergy testing in Louisville KY is to determine which substance the body has an allergic reaction to so a treatment plan may be developed. The specialist chooses between a skin test, a blood test, and an elimination diet depending on which substances it is believed the patient negatively reacts to. Why is this necessary and what are some common types of allergens?

What Are Allergies?

The immune system works to keep the body healthy and serves as a person’s natural defense against foreign substances. However, there are times when the immune system overreacts with exposure to a substance and symptoms appear. The person begins to sneeze, his or her eyes may itch and water, the sinuses become blocked, and/or the nose runs.

Common Allergens

Allergens come in three basic types. Inhaled allergens affect the nasal and throat membranes or the lungs, with pollen being the most common allergen in this category. Contact allergens produce a response when the substance makes contact with a person’s skin and he or she is allergic to this substance. Poison oak and poison ivy are two contact allergens that many people experience a negative reaction to when they are exposed. Ingested allergens are those that a person takes into their body while eating and include peanuts and seafood.

How Allergy Testing Helps

During an allergy test, the specialist exposes the patient to small amounts of different allergens to record how the patient responds to each one. This helps to determine a treatment plan which is crucial. More than 50 million individuals in the United States suffer from one or more allergies and can have a serious reaction when exposed to certain substances. The treatment plan works to reduce the negative effects of exposure to the allergen when it cannot be avoided using other methods.

Visit us to learn more about allergy testing in Louisville KY and its benefits. Allergies, when severe, may lead to a person’s death and therefore should never be ignored. Request this testing today so you can lead a full and healthy life with less concern about unintentional exposure to allergens while doing so.

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