The Importance of Air Conditioned Storage Units in Estero FL for a Variety of Materials

Florida’s summer heat and humidity are legendary. In this region, people usually want air conditioned storage units in Estero FL if they will store valuable belongings that could be damaged by those weather conditions. Climate-controlled units are more attractive to men and women who are afraid their possessions might be ruined in storage during hot, muggy weather.

The Importance of Climate Control

Customers usually can expect to pay a bit more for air conditioned storage units in Estero FL because it costs the facility owners extra money to provide this service. This is especially true in parts of the country where extreme temperatures can linger for months on end, as is the case with Florida. The climate control prevents mold and mildew from growing anywhere in the units and any warping of certain materials due to excess moisture in the air.

The Heating Feature

The heating feature of climate-controlled storage may only rarely turn on in this part of the country. This feature is intended to prevent the temperature from dipping below a level that could harm various materials; a standard climate-controlled range is 55 to 85 degrees. Even if the exterior temperature dips below 55 degrees, the interior usually will not reach that temperature for many hours. Humidity levels are not supposed to get above 55 percent.

Examples of Vulnerable Materials

Anyone who is interested in air-conditioned storage may visit Website Domain for details on this particular facility. Which materials are most vulnerable to extremes in temperature and humidity?

Leather and vinyl are examples. In a home without air conditioning, mildew may not start growing on a leather couch, but it might develop on leather and vinyl shoes tucked away in a dark, humid closet. In storage, where things tend to be packed tightly together, this problem is a bigger risk without dehumidification.

High heat and humidity can also damage electronic items and the media played in them. For this reason, climate control is important for TV sets, computers and DVD players. It’s also not a good idea to keep vinyl record albums, CDs, DVDs or computer backup drives in a hot storage unit.

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