The Importance Of AC Repair near Palatine And Routine Maintenance

An air conditioner should be cleaned a couple times per year so that metal parts inside of it don’t become rusted or damaged. Homeowners can quickly clean a window air conditioning unit with some basic supplies. After the power to the unit is turned off, an individual can remove the air conditioner’s front cover. A series of metal pieces that form a grid will be visible along the top portion of the unit. These metal pieces are referred to as the condenser coil. They transfer the air that is blown out of the unit’s vents.

If any dirt is wedged between the metal pieces that form the condenser coil, they can be removed with a wire brush or the hose on a shop vacuum cleaner. After the debris has been removed, the individual who is completing the AC Repair near Palatine can focus on the coil’s surface. Often, rust forms on metal pieces if an air conditioner is exposed to moist and humid conditions. The rust can be removed with coil cleaner and a scrub brush. After the cleaner is applied evenly to the coil’s surface it needs a few minutes to penetrate. The cleaner can then be removed with a lint free cloth.

After these cleaning steps are finished, an individual may find that their unit works more efficiently and does not have any rust on its surface. If, however, the unit isn’t working properly, a licensed company that offers an AC Repair near Palatine can assist. A technician knows how to install and repair a variety of models. After an air conditioner is inspected, the owner of the unit will receive a quote for the work that needs to be completed. The air conditioning company will supply any materials that are needed for the AC Repair.

After repairs are made to an air conditioning unit, individuals may find that their energy bills are more consistent. The same company will be available to assist if an individual would like to set up a maintenance appointment or purchase a newer unit. Individuals who would like to learn more about the services that are available can visit the Five Star Heating & Air Inc. website.

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