Jan 9, 2019

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The Importance of a Dwi Attorney Queens in County NY for Repeat Offenders

The Importance of a Dwi Attorney Queens in County NY for Repeat Offenders

A second conviction of driving while intoxicated in New York State within 10 years of the first conviction can result in harsh penalties that the person naturally wants to avoid if at all possible. Hiring a Dwi Attorney Queens in County NY is important, especially if the prosecution has decided to pursue this charge as a felony.

Jail Terms

Successful prosecution of DWI as a felony has a maximum penalty of four years in prison. A misdemeanor conviction of second DWI can have a penalty up to one year in prison. Although a judge may issue a much lower penalty, this risk is scary. Men and women want to do everything they can to avoid this, including hiring a Dwi Attorney in Queens County NY.

Driving Privileges

After conviction, the driver’s license is automatically revoked for one year, and a minimum penalty of $1,000 is assessed to the defendant. Revocation is different from suspension. The person does not automatically receive driving privileges after the revocation period is over, but must apply for a brand new driver’s license.

A hardship license may be granted so this individual can get to work and back, but the hours of driving are limited. With a hardship license, driving to medical appointments also is allowed. Repeat offenses within five or 10 years usually disqualify the person from this conditional license. The person must make other travel arrangements to maintain employment.

Permanent Records

In New York, a DWI conviction cannot be sealed from public view or expunged from the person’s record. It is permanently available to see for anyone who decides to check a person’s criminal record. That may include prospective employers, insurance companies and companies that issue credit. Having even one DWI conviction raises a red flag, and multiple convictions can have long-lasting negative consequences.

A third offense has very serious consequences, particularly for driving privileges. This is an automatic felony charge if the offense occurs within 10 years of a previous DWI. Anyone facing these types of situations needs legal assistance from an organization such as The Law Offices of Joseph J. Perrini III. Check out the website www.josephperrini.com to get started.

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