Jun 4, 2013

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The History of Guar Gum

Guar gum has garnered a great deal of attention in recent years, as scientists have discovered a number of valuable uses for the product. There are a number of international trading companies from locations throughout the world that are acting as a guar gum supplier in this rapidly-growing industry. Guar gum is currently being used in everything from food production to fracking, and it appears that new uses for the product are being discovered constantly.

Guar Production in India

Guar has been grown in India for hundreds of years, although it has just recently gained tremendous international attention. Guar is a legume, or a bean, that has been utilized as a primary source of nutrition in its native India for both humans and animals. In fact, during its long history, one of guar’s primary uses was as food for cattle. Prior to 1953, locust beans were used in the Indian paper and textile industries, but after a severe drought these beans underwent a shortage, which led to the use of guar for these industrial applications. Guar gum extraction became utilized in a commercial capacity in 1953, and just in recent years has become a highly-sought after product on the world market.

Growing Guar

As a guar gum supplier, it’s important to source the product directly from India, or in some cases Pakistan, because these locations have the unique climate and environment required to grow guar. The legume is very resistant to droughts, and thrives in arid conditions where many other forms of vegetation are unable to survive. Guar is primarily found in sandy soil, and the area around Jodhpur City in India, is the hub of guar growth and distribution.

Chemical Make-Up of Guar Gum

Guar gum has a unique chemical make-up that lends itself to being ideal for the use in so many products and industries. Guar gum has the ability to hydrate extremely quickly in both hot and cold water. This quality means it can provide a high level of viscosity, even when small amounts are used. In addition to being a stabilizer, the chemical properties of guar gum also make it ideal for controlling the formation of crystals, and resisting water and oil.

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