Mar 25, 2016

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The Harrington Chain Hoist: Maintenance And Accident Prevention

The Harrington Chain Hoist: Maintenance And Accident Prevention

Many heavy and light industrial concerns feature a variety of equipment that does lifting and carrying. They sling products across the deck of a ship or onto an oilrig. They carry materials of various shapes, sizes, weights and characteristics across a warehouse floor. One of the more common ones seen at different sites is a Harrington chain hoist. It is often the medium of choice for many industries.

What Is a Chain Hoist?

A hoist is the centerpiece of any lift or sling based operation. You can usually locate it in a factory by looking way up. It consists of such things as cordage and chains. A chain hoist does use chains designed to meet specific requirements – particularly regarding the tension and weight that the hoist system will generate. The larger chain hoists can carry between 5 to 10 or more tons. They are not usually manually operated. As large hoists, they utilize either electric- or air-powered motors.

Manual power motors are for smaller chain hoists. As the name indicates, they use manual power to manipulate them. In fact, several operators grasp hand chains and pull them to make them work. This must be a continuous and ongoing action if it is to move the load successfully.

What Is a Harrington Chain Hoist?

The Harrington model of chain hoist comes in different types. Two particular models are popular. They are:

1. Lever Hoist (Model LB): One of the most popular lever hoists in the world, this is a compact, lightweight model. It consists of a durable design and rugged reputation.
* Electric Chain Hoist: – The Harrington Electric Chain Hoist is, as its manual counterpart, durable and rugged within a failsafe design. The advanced technology includes “The Guardian” – Smart Brake Technology as well as a 10-year hoist brake warranty.

No matter how ideal the product, even Harington Chain hoists require maintenance.

Chain Hoist Maintenance

Safe operation of any chain hoist requires training. It also demands the equipment be in perfect working order. OSHA does not only mandate inspection, but it is also essential if the machinery is to operate according to design. To ensure this is carried out, it is important to:

* Regularly inspect all hoisting equipment
* Follow the maintenance and inspection standards set by the manufacturer
* Make sure the examination is thorough including all parts, links, hooks, etc.
* The operator is responsible for the daily inspection
* Qualified inspectors need to inspect monthly and annually

By inspecting the hoist daily and regularly, ensuring two things: hoist safety and machine longevity.

Harrington Chain Hoist and Maintenance

No matter how sophisticated the equipment; no matter how technologically advanced, the means to keeping the machinery going and everyone safe is through proper training and equipment maintenance. While such brands as Harrington provide high-quality products, accidents can occur if they are operated with negligence. A Harrington chain hoist can suffer from severe damage if maintenance is not provided on a regular, in fact, daily basis to ensure the machinery operates properly and everyone in its vicinity is safer because of it.

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