Sep 11, 2014

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The Guys Have It When It Comes to Sports

Fashion trends are typically far more noticeable in women’s fashion than in men’s. Who can miss belly-shirts or Daisy Dukes? But men’s fashion has its share of fun and cool trends. The primary fun influence on men’s wear that you don’t see in women’s wear is that of pro sports teams.

In the stands, or on the street, we see logos for every pro sports team from coast to coast on shirts, socks, shoes and sweatshirts and just about anything that can be worn on the human body. But that’s not all. It’s not just the logos; it’s the style, the design of the clothing.

Keep Your Shirt On!

People who pay attention at all to men’s fashions probably remember the big fads of 2013. The pro baseball-inspired tops were popular, with the piping designs and high tech fabrics. Hockey jerseys, or sweaters, were in large demand, in any sort of fabric for the players on the team as well as the fans in the stands. The traditional varsity jacket for the girlfriend was somewhat upstaged by the hockey sweater.

The Big Leagues

The “Masters of the (Sports Jersey) Universe” are the sportswear companies. Uniforms for 2014 National Football League are being provided by none other than, of course, Nike. Major League Baseball is being dressed this year by Majestic Athletic apparel company. A well-known German company, Adidas, is clothing the National Basketball Association.

These companies, among many others, are benefiting from clothing, not just the players, but the fans in the stands. Many fans now order custom soccer uniforms, basketball jerseys and baseball and hockey uniforms to wear in the stands to support their favorite player, or champion a cause, such as diabetes or cancer.

World Cup Craze

The World Cup match of 2014 certainly inspired a myriad of men’s sportswear. A World Cup clothing line sprung up at Nike and Adidas, and other sports apparel companies as well.

Are You Ready for Some Football?

The long-awaited 2014 American football season is kicking off, and there’s no shortage of inspiration for new and fun merchandise. Whether it’s on hats, shoes, sweatshirts and sweaters, you name it, you are going to see logos from every team in the NFL.

Whether you’re a fan or a member of the team, whatever your sport, now is a great time to get an off the rack, or a custom soccer uniform, basketball jersey, baseball uniform or football jersey.

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