The First Two Steps of Mold Removal in CT After Detecting Asbestos or Mold

Asbestos has the potential to be a serious plague in the home. It does not display all that many symptoms, and can be difficult to detect outside professional grade equipment and a really intimate review of the home. If there’s even a small chance that asbestos is present, a professional should come in and test sample the home. They follow through with a full Mold Removal in CT. If, as a homeowner, one suspects the presence of asbestos or mold in the home, they should do two things within 12 hours to handle the problem. These are detailed below.

Close the Area Off

The affected area needs to be closed off in some way. This needs to be done without disturbing the space. For example, if the wall is broken down plastic sheeting should be used to cover the exposed area. If they are small parts, they should be picked up and placed in poly bags. From here, a professional should be called to dispose of them legally.

The most important thing to remember here is that when closing off the area, nothing should actually be moved. This could cause the asbestos to become airborne. If this does happen, it is not entirely unrealistic to have the home demolished, especially if it is an old home. This could be a stunning disaster. Do not move anything with any tools, such as a vacuum that circulates the mold and asbestos into the air. A wet mop could distill the effects of the asbestos, but is not worth the risk without the supervision of a professional.

A Professional Grade Review

Professionals cater to the US EPA guidelines for Mold Removal in CT. So always confirm if the company is properly accredited for managing the job. There are a number of licenses involved, such as accreditation with the Occupational Health and Safety as well as mold abatement certificates.

It could be possible that there is no need for a Mold Removal in CT. But it is better to be safe than sorry when dealing with something so insidious and potentially unhealthy for everyone involved. Contact AA Asbestos Abatement LLC now if anyone in the family has a suspicion of mold.

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