Jul 5, 2014

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The First Trip to the Veterinarian

The First Trip to the Veterinarian

Congratulations! You’re the proud parents of a new puppy or kitten! You couldn’t be happier with your tiny ball of fur and energy. You already love this fluffy little creature more than you ever thought possible. Now it’s time to begin your pet’s lifelong care and visits to the veterinarian.

Ask Questions
While you may not know what to expect or what to do, your vet will guide you through everything. So make an appointment and tell them it’s a first visit with a new puppy or kitten. Before you go to your appointment, write down all the questions you have for the vet. You’ll have a lot of them, so make sure you write them down. If this is your first time with a pet, you’ll want to ask about training, vaccines, feeding, development and overall care. Ask away! There’s no better resource for this information than your vet and their staff. During the first exam your pet will be looked over to make sure they are healthy and happy.

Microchip Option
You’ll also be given the option of microchipping your pet. There are now nationwide recovery programs available to help reunite you with your pet if he’s ever lost or stolen. The process is simple: a microchip is inserted between the pet’s shoulder blades just like a shot. The procedure is quick painless and can be a lifesaver if you and your pet are separated.

Next up is the schedule of vaccinations. While it is your choice to vaccinate against some things, all states require dogs and cats to be vaccinated against rabies. The veterinarian will give you the schedule of ages for the various vaccines and booster shots.

Checks for Parasites
Fecal tests are also usually done on your first visit. A specimen is examined to identify any parasites that are present and treatment is then given. If none are found, you’ll be asked to bring a sample during a future wellness visit to ensure their good health continues.

The first trip to the vet will begin a long healthy and happy life of wellness visits. As your pet grows, be sure to discuss their care and any concerns you have. A good veterinarian will always be willing to see your pet and answer your questions.

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